• BIRTV(China),#C5010,Aug 22-25,2018
  • IBC2018 Konvision booth 10,D44
  • KCM-2460W
  • KFM-1753W
  • 7inch,9inch
  • color grading
  • broadcast monitor
  • KVM-3250W
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KONVISION 3G/HD Monitors for 2011


KONVISION released its newest KVM series broadcast monitors for 2011, all the KVM series monitors are available to support upto 3G-SDI, which is the latest SDI version. And it will be a trend for high definition film and TV industry.

KVM series broadcast monitors are equiped with high resolution LCD screen at wide viewing angles, and with multi-formats. The PIP/PBP function (two pictures on screen) for all sizes KVM series monitors from 7" upto 55". It brings different choices for professional broadcast application.

KVM series to be high quality and most cost-effective for in industry.


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